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Hi my lovely readers,
Two weeks ago, I finished my last term at Karlstad University, and I came back to Poland. Currently, I am doing nothing except eating, hanging out with my friends, and taking pictures. In this year, my main purpose is to develop my website, as you know my best friend-Maureen designed my fashion blog and she did a great job. However, it is quite hard to become visible in a fashion industry, nowadays the market is competitive and is plenty of bloggers. In two weeks, I am coming back to London, I decided to apply for a short courses in London College of Fashion. To be honest, I am so scared, but I have to try it.
I have no an idea, what happened with me. I always used to be a big fan of street style, as you remember, I could not leave my house without beanies and snapback. Perhaps, I became more feminine, I started to wear the dresses and heels. My new outfit is an usual summer look, I decided to combine the blue dress with white platform. The white color is essential in my outfits, I can not imagine my looks without this color. For me, it symbolizes stylishness and power. I hope you will like my new post!

Dress and Bag: Asos, Shoes: New Look.

Pictures by
Marzena Szlachetka

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