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Inspirations from ESPRIT

Hi everyone,

At the beginning, I would like to apologize for have not written for a long time, but living in London can be so chaotic and tireless. I have to find a balance between my academic life, work and fashion which is the most difficult aspect for me. As you know, I rent an apartment in a fashionable and well-known street in Notting Hill. Every day here is magic and I do not believe that I was lucky enough to find this flat. It often happens to me to see Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney during jogging in Holland Park. I have never found courage to say hello, since both of them are so powerful in the fashion industry.

At any rate, I made a decision to redecorate my apartment; the main problem for me is probably the light since my flat is located on the ground floor. I am a big fan of minimalist, modern, simple and cozy style when it is coming to interior design, hence I will take an inspiration from Stockholm Trend. My main purpose is to focus redecorate the apartment using white or bright colors items with modern details. Moreover, I have to find the brand which offers the home products for a reasonable price as well as high quality. I do not intend to buy cheap items and after few weeks throw away to rubbish. My mum who is the Queen of decorating the flat recommended me to order the products from Esprit Brand. Initially, I was really confused, for I did not know that the brand offers the interior designs, products, but then my mum depicted me the website and I found plenty of inspirations and products. I cannot wait to share with you my upcoming post with new design of my apartment. Hopefully, I will find a photographer who can deal with this horrible light.



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