Office Outfit with Dezzal!

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After job hunting for a long time, I finally got an opportunity as a marketing executive for a fashion e-commerce platform. It’s important to have great communication skills and look glamorous, so I have adjusted my wardrobe, attitude and personal style. Before my style was always based on casual outfits and girly dresses. While I used to work in school, I looked a little bit like Jess from sitcom New Girl. Now I am trying to look more professional and at the same time keep my personal style. For my first salary I decided to invest some money in office outfits. The first outfit is a solid quality jumpsuit from DEZZAL. Reasonable pricing and fast shipping; it took only 3 days for it to be delivered. This office outfit gives me self-confidence and power. This combination is perfect during meetings with net-worth clients and clothes can help you feel so much more confident.

The second outfit is great for casual Friday’s in my office, and totally indicates my personality and feminine. I purchased this striped dress via DEZZAL, the customer service team did a great job replying to my inquiry and helping me find the right size. The dress goes perfect with my gray handy bag, ballerinas and a black leather jacket for a chilly day.

1) Jumpsuit: HERE, Bag: ZARA, Blazer: Floating Style, Heels: Jigsaw.

2) Dress: HERE, , Jacket: Nasty Gal, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Marc B .

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